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In the UK a provisional driving license allows you to learn to drive on all UK roads except motorways, provided you are supervised. You can be supervised by your driving instructor or any other driver, as long as they’re over the age of 21 and have held a full driving license for a minimum of three years.
Apply for your first provisional UK driving license Online for a car, motorbike, moped or other vehicle which is registered in the DVLA website online
Buy UK driving license in the UK before legally getting your driving license you will need a professional driving license first.
This provisional driving license is needed when you take your theory test and practical driving test, as well as for your first driving lesson.

When can I apply for a provisional driving license?

As long as you’re over 15 years and nine months old you can apply for your provisional driving license at any point. But your license will only be valid when you turn 16 (and only valid for a driving car when you turn 17).
And most importantly be a resident of Great Britain or Northern Ireland and be able to read a number plate from 20 meters away (with glasses or contact lenses if required).

How can I apply for a provisional driving license?

We will be needing the following information’s;

-a valid UK biometric passport or other form of ID
-your address history for the past three years
-your National Insurance number if known.
-Your provisional driving license should arrive within one week maximum from us and can be checked and verified in the DVLA website

What happens when I pass my test?

If you’ve passed your test and you’re ready to throw your L plates away*, the next step is to convert your provisional driving license into a full license.

We will help you arrange for your provisional driving license to be sent off to the DVLA for you and it will then be upgraded to a full driving license.

You should receive your updated photocard within 5 days from us but you can still drive in the meantime – providing your car is correctly taxed and insured.

Buy UK driving License Online.
In the United Kingdom, a driving license is the official document which authorizes its holder to operate motor vehicles on highways and other public roads. It is administered in England, Scotland and Wales by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) and in Northern Ireland by the Driver & Vehicle Agency (DVA).







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We issue Driving licenses of different categories in the UK
Below are some of the categories of driving license we issue and other services.

Moped and Motorcycle Categories
Category AM License
The AM license originally covered Mopeds and other two or three-wheel vehicles. But, recently it has been repurposed to include Light Quadricycles. Which are four-wheeled vehicles with an un-laden weight of up to 350kg. With a top speed of between 25 km/h and 45 km/h, it’s a new vehicle you can drive at 16.

Category A1 License
An A1 license lets you ride a light motorcycle with an engine size of up to 125 cc and a power output of up to 11kw (14.6bhp) It cannot have a power-weight ratio greater than 0.1kW. After 2012 with tricycles it includes a power ratio of 15 kW, these were previously provided under the now defunct category B1.


Category A2 License
An A2 license lets you ride a motorcycle with a power output not exceeding 35 kW and with a power/weight ratio not exceeding 0.2 kW/kg and not derived from a vehicle of more than double its power.

Ag: 19

Category A License
A Category A license is a full motorcycle license. Letting you ride bikes with a power exceeding 35 kW. It also covers motor tricycles over 15 kW

Age: 21

Car and Light Vehicle Categories
Category B License
The category B license lets you drive a motor vehicle with a maximum weight of up to 3,500kg, it can’t have more than eight passenger seats. If you want to use a trailer the most it can weigh without additional hassle is 750kg.


If you would like to use your car with a trailer that weighs more than 750kg, then the total weight of the vehicle and the trailer together can’t be greater than 3,500kg. Also, the weight of the trailer, when fully loaded, can’t be more than the unladen weight of the vehicle.


Category B Auto License
The Category B auto license has the same conditions as a category B license but, it only lets you use a vehicle with an automatic transmission.

Category B96 License
The B96 license lets you use a car and trailer where your towing vehicle is in category B. The total weight of the trailer exceeds 750kg and the combination of car and trailer is more than 3.5 tonnes but does not exceed 4.25 tones.

Category B+E License
The Category B+E license lets you use a combination of a category B motor vehicle and a trailer or semi-trailer which wouldn’t fit the conditions of category B. The maximum authorised mass of the trailer or semi-trailer is 3500kg. Giving you a total maximum authorized mass of 7 tones.

Van and Commercial Vehicle Categories
Category C1 License
The Category C1 license lets you drive vehicles weighing between 3,500 and 7,500kg with the option of a trailer that can’t weigh more than 750 kg. This licence lets you drive commercial vans without needing to take the full category C license.

Age: 18

Category C1+E License
The C1 category license lets you drive vehicles with a trailer over 750kg, but the trailer – when fully loaded – can’t weigh more than the vehicle.

The combined weight of both can’t exceed 12,000kg.

Age: 18

Category C License
The Category C license lets you drive Heavy Goods Vehicles over 3,500kg (with a trailer up to 750kg).

Age: 21

Category C+E License
The Category C license lets you drive HGV’s with a trailer that weighs more than 750kg.

Age: 21

Minibus and Coach Categories
Category D1 License
The Category D1 license lets you drive minibuses classified as vehicles with no more than 16 passenger seats, a maximum length of 8 metres. It provides you leeway to tow a trailer that weighs up to 750kg

Age: 21

Category D1+E License
The Category D1 + E license lets you drive a category D1 minibus with a trailer that weighs a maximum of 750kg, but the fully laden trailer must not weigh more than the vehicle. The combined weight of both is a maximum of 12,000kg.

Age: 21

Category D License
The Category D license can drive any bus or coach with more than 8 passenger seats, with the option of a trailer less than 750kg.

Age: 21

Category Delicense
The Category D+E license lets you drive any bus or coach with a trailer over 750kg.

Age: 21

Tractor Categories
Category F License
The Category F license lets you drive agricultural tractors, these can also be driven on a category B license.

Road Roller Categories
Category G License
The Category G license lets you drive road rollers, either steam or diesel driven.

Tank and Tracked Vehicle Categories
Category H License
A Category H license covers civilian tracked vehicles, which include former military vehicles. Many WW2 era tanks are still operational today; these can be driven on the roads with your full car licence counting as a provisional.

Pedestrian Controlled Vehicle Categories
Category K License
A Category K license lets you drive a ride on mowing machine or pedestrian controlled vehicle. Again like category F these can be driven on category B licence.