Buy registered Italian drivers license online.

Buy registered Italian drivers license online

If you’re planning to visit or live in italy, it’s important to buy registered Italian drivers license online and start your driving journey accross italy. Less expensive, less time consuming and less complicated than in France or other countries, the Italian driving license is recognized throughout Europe. However, the language barrier can sometimes be an obstacle to take the plunge and learn to drive. In fact, even if the Italian traffic code is more or less the same as in France or in other European countries, it is necessary to learn to drive like an Italian. The locals say ‘He who knows how to drive in Rome knows how to drive anywhere in the world.’ How much does a driving license cost in Italy? What are the steps to register and take the test? How to pass the Italian highway code exam? How do I take the practical driving test in Italy?

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In reality, a substantial fine between €5,000 and €30,000 is what you pay for driving without a license. But it will involve criminal proceedings because it is for the first time. Nonetheless, one-year imprisonment and a massive fine is a must for getting in the second offense within the space of 2 years. Undoubtedly, getting a government to confirm a license can take up to few months. Especially, when most countries focus more on going to driving school which can consume a huge percentage of your income. Regrettably, not everyone can afford this, even when the chances of passing the test are slim. Visit Our Website.

Buy registered Italian drivers license online.

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If you reside in Italy with a valid permesso di soggiorno, you can apply for an Italian driving license (‘patente di guida’ in Italian) or convert your country driver’s license. Indeed, if you have the one from your home country, you can use it only during your first year of residence in Italy.

In Italy there are different types of driving licenses, depending on the vehicle you want to drive. This article will focus on the B driving license, which is the license you will need to drive a car.

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How to convert your foreign driving license
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How to get a driving license

If you have a valid permit of stay, you can either apply for a driving license directly as a private individual at the Civil Motorization Office (‘Ufficio Motorizzazione Civile’ in Italian), or register through a driving school (‘scuola guida’ in Italian).

You can find a Motorizzazione in your area here.
What are the requirements?

To obtain an Italian driving license, you will need:

Modulo TT 2112 form (available at the Motorizzazione or here)
Copy of valid identity document
Copy of permesso di soggiorno or the renewal or first issue receipt
Copy of your codice fiscale or tessera sanitaria
Medical certificate – you can request it at the Medicina Legale of your local health authority (ASL). To find your ASL, Google “ASL + __.” In the blank space, write the name of the town or city where you live.

3 passport size photos
Payments of €26.40 + €16.00 marca da bollo (registration fee might be slightly different depending on the city or region)

Driving license exams

To get a driving license, you have to pass the theory and practice exams. You have to take the theory exam within 6 months from your application.

In case you apply as a private individual, you need to study by yourself for the theory exam and register at a driving school for the practice. In case you apply through the driving school, teachers assist you in the preparation of both the theory and practice exams. In both cases, you must take at least 6 hours of driving lessons with a qualified instructor to be able to take the practice exam.

Theory exam

For the theory exam you have to answer true or false questions on a computer about rules of the road, functions of the car, and traffic signs. The test consists of 40 questions to be answered in 30 minutes, and you cannot make more than 4 mistakes.

You can take the exam in Italian, French or German. If you have difficulty reading, you can also ask for audio support to listen to the questions on headphones.

To prepare for this exam, you can practice online here and we suggest that you ask a driving school or help desk for a handbook, which could be available bilingual.
Practical exam

If you pass the theory exam, you will receive an authorization to drive for learners called ‘foglio rosa’. This paper allows you to practice driving with a person that has at least 10 years of driving experience, and you must put a sign with ‘P’ (for beginner) at the back of the car.

In the practical exam you will have to follow the instructions of the examiner, who will evaluate your ability to drive. The examiner will ask also some questions about the functions of the car. If you pass the driving test, then you will receive your driving license.

How can I convert the driving license from my home country to the Italian one?

You can drive in Italy with your country’s driving license only for your first year of residence in Italy. After that, you will need to convert your license to an Italian one if you want to keep driving in Italy.

Not all driving licenses can be converted, it depends on the agreements between Italy and the country concerned. If the license cannot be converted, you will need to take the exams to obtain an Italian one. You can find the list of countries that issues driving license convertible in Italy here.

The conversion request must be submitted to the Ufficio Motorizzazione Civile, along with the following documents:

Modulo TT 2112 form (available at the Motorizzazione or here)
Payment of €32,00 + €10,20 (fee might be slightly different depending on the city or region) – you can pay this amount online through Portale dell’Automobilista website, or by printing the payment request through the website and pay it at a post office, bank, tabaccheria or any other PagoPA service
Your foreign driving license and it’s legal translation
Copy of your valid ID document and codice fiscale
Medical certificate
2 passport size photos

Validity and renewal of the driving license

Italian driving licenses are also valid in other EU countries, and any driving license issued by an EU member State (including Switzerland, Norway, Iceland) is valid in Italy.

Italian driving license has a validity of 10 years until you are 50, after that you will have to apply for renewal and you will receive a 5-year driving license until you are 70.

The driving license can be renewed from four months before its expiration date at your local health authority (ASL). Indeed, you will have to pass a medical check.

At the medical check, you will need to bring:

Payment of €10.20 + €16
Valid identity document
Tessera sanitaria
Driving license
2 passport size photos

The Transport Ministry will send your new driving license at your home address.
Replacing a lost driving license

In case of loss, theft or destruction of the driving license, you can make a report to the police and go to the Motorizzazione of your place of residence to request a duplicate.
Can I use a foreign car in Italy?

If you don’t have residenza in Italy, you can use your own foreign car for one year, while if you have residenza you can use your car for 3 months after you got residenza. After this period, you have to register your car in Italy through a specific procedure. If the foreign car is not yours and you want to use it for more than 30 days, you have to enroll it in the REVE register.

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