Buy Portugal Driver's License Online

Buy Portugal Driver’s License Online

If you decide to live in Portugal, you may also decide to take (or re-take) your driver’s license there.If you want to work or live in Portugal as a foreigner you will need to buy a portugal driver’s license online issued directly from IMT. Less expensive and less complicated than in other countries, the Portuguese driving license is recognized throughout Europe. However, the language barrier can sometimes be an obstacle to taking the plunge and learning to drive. Indeed, even if the highway code is more or less the same as in other European countries, it is necessary to learn to drive like a Portuguese. The locals say “Who knows how to drive in Lisbon knows how to drive anywhere in the world”. How much does a driver’s license cost in Portugal? What are the steps to take to register for it? How do I pass the Portuguese driving test? How does the practical driving test work in Portugal? I am Lisbob, the expatriate assistant, and I tell you everything about how to pass the driving test in Portugal.


You have decided to take the driving test in Portugal? Great challenge! It may seem difficult or even impossible when you think you don’t understand the language (and even less know how to drive), but it is easier to get it in Portugal than in France. The first thing to do is to choose your driving school. If you live in Lisbon, the best known group is Segurança Maxima with schools in every neighborhood and especially special offers. In Portugal, for an all-inclusive package, you should count 300 – 350 € maximum. Yes, it is cheaper than in France and you will see that it is also easier. Beware of hidden costs, but first Lisbob will answer a question that comes up regularly.

Is it possible to pass your driver’s license in English in Portugal?

Some schools offer to take classes with an instructor who speaks English for a higher fee. However it is not possible to have theoretical and practical courses in English in Portugal. In addition, the driving test and the practical test must be taken in Portuguese.

If you wish, you can also take the entire course in Portuguese: in no time you will have improved your level of Portuguese and learned to drive. Two birds with one stone! However, be careful not to waste too much time understanding the words and not the heart of the course: the Portuguese Highway Code.

Once your driving school has been chosen, you will need to provide the following documents :

Certificado de registro de cidadão de União Europeia or Residency permit ;

ID Photo ;

Valid identity card or passport ;

Medical Certificate (Atestado médico) ;

Contribuinte Number (NIF) ;

The form that you can fill out with the receptionist.

Regarding the medical certificate, some driving schools will do it in their school’s premises for 15€. This certificate must be in Portuguese. This cost is added to the price of the license package. In concrete terms, the typical package includes:

28 theoretical lessons

30 practical lessons (including 6 in a simulator)

Registration for the driving test (one test)

Registration for the practical test ( one test )

Which Authority Issues Driving tests in Portugal?

The Institute of Mobility and Transport (Instituto de Mobilidade e Transportes – IMT) is responsible for administrating driving tests in Portugal. However, you can take the tests in public or private institutions.

You don’t have to pay in public institutions, however, you are subject to the availability of dates and professionals. And given the current shortage of IMT staff, you may be waiting a long time before you can take the exam. With this in mind, you might want to consider paying to take the test with a private institution, which is much faster.

Having a portuguese driving license can greatly ease your movement around portugal .Contact Us for your license today and move freely. Buy Portugal Driver’s License Online

In portugal just like other EU countries the driving test consists of two parts – a theory and a practical exam – and these are not taken on the same day. After completing your preparation classes, you can take the theory test. And once you pass this, you can start taking your practical driving lessons. When you feel confident and ready, you can then book the practical exam.

The driving theory test

The theory test (Exame de código) consists of 30 multiple-choice questions that you answer on a computer. It lasts around 30 minutes and covers the syllabus that you have studied in your preparation classes. You must get 27 questions right in order to pass the test.

The questions are available on the IMT website and other sites which allow you to practice. Notably, if you need the test to be translated, you must request this when you make the booking. You can take the exam in either a public or private center. If you take it at the IMT, it costs €15, whereas the cost in private centers can range between €15 and €110.
The practical driving test

The practical test typically lasts around 40 minutes, and the driver can accumulate up to 10 light faults. At the start of the test, the candidate must be able to demonstrate their knowledge of the car and the preparation needed to drive safely. This usually takes around five minutes. The remainder of the time is left for the driving itself with an examiner present in the car with you.

You can book your test in a public center for €30, or a private one, which can cost up to €120. Notably, if you fail the test, you can retake it, but you will need to pay again. Some driving schools also ask for extra practical lessons, too.

Can i drive with a foreign driver’s license in Portugal?

EU and EFTA nationals

If you have a driver’s license from an EU/EFTA country, you are allowed to use it to drive in Portugal until it expires, after which point you must exchange it for a Portuguese one. You must also inform the regional or district office of the Institute of Mobility and Transportation (Instituto de Mobilidade e Transportes – IMT) within 60 days of establishing residence in the country.

If your license is from a country that has a bilateral agreement with Portugal, you will have up to two years to exchange it for a Portuguese one. However, if the license was issued by a country that is not a party to international conventions, you must exchange it immediately.

You can apply to exchange your license by filling in the online form or submitting it in person at an IMT office, along with the following documents:

Identification document
Proof of residence
Foreign driving license with a photocopy

OECD and CPLP nationals

Citizens from member states of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries (CPLP) are allowed to drive in Portugal. They can use their original driver’s license without exchanging it for a Portuguese one, even if they have a residence in the country. However, you must still meet some requirements.

This rule applies to the following countries:

Cabo Verde
New Zealand
São Tomé and Príncipe
South Korea
United Kingdom
United States of America

How long must i drive as a tourist in Portugal?

If you are a tourist, you can drive in Portugal for a period of 185 days after entering the country if your license was issued by a country with a bilateral agreement and you only intend to be a visitor and not a resident. However, if you intend to establish residence in Portugal, you can only drive using your home license for up to 90 days from the date that your residence permit was issued, and must begin the process of exchanging it within this period.