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Poland is a beautiful country with diverse landscapes that make it an ideal place to explore. If you’re planning to visit or live in Poland, it’s important to understand the rules regarding driving licenses. This website provides information about driving licenses for foreign nationals in Poland. Why put yourself through so much struggle of failing the driving exam repeatedly when you can buy a Polish driver’s license online without any paperwork. We bring you the most authentic documents without any paperwork. Do let us know your requirements, and we will try our best to fulfill them!

Has your age become an obstacle to obtain a license? Are you dependent on someone else to drive you through the town? We know it can be frustrating for most of us, and even more so, if you are a foreigner applying for a driver’s license in Poland. You need a document that showcases your residence address, along with a photocopy of an international DL. It may take up to nine business days for processing, while confirmation may take several weeks. If you receive a refusal, you may have to apply again within 14 days. Why put yourself through so much struggle when you can buy a Polish driver’s license online. We bring you the most authentic documents without any paperwork. Do let us know your requirements, and we will try our best to fulfill them!

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Do you have to ask someone else to drive you from point A to point B? Do you lack sufficient documents to apply for a permanent license? We know firsthand how maddening it can be to throw yourself at the rigorous application process, especially if you weren’t born in Poland. The fantastic news is that there’s an alternative solution for you. Anyone can now buy a Polish driving license without completing courses or sitting for exams. You can buy a real polish driver’s license online without any paperwork; the document is of the same quality as the original.

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A driving license is a coveted document that everyone should have in their wallet. It does not only allow you to drive a motor vehicle but also serves as an ID card. Plus, you may need it while renting a vehicle.

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General rules regarding driving licences for foreign nationals in Poland

Foreign nationals visiting or planning to live in Poland can use their driving license from their home country for up to six months. After this period, they must obtain a Polish driving license. The six-month period starts from the date of their arrival in Poland, not the date they obtained their driving license.

Agreements in place for exchanging driving license

There are reciprocal agreements in place between Poland and some countries that allow foreign nationals to exchange their driving license for a Polish one without having to take a driving test. The list of countries is subject to change, so it’s important to check with the relevant authorities before traveling to Poland.
Procedure for exchanging, obtaining, renewing a driving license in Poland

Obtaining a driving license

To obtain a Polish driving license, you’ll need to apply at the relevant voivodeship office. You’ll need to fill out an application form, provide proof of identity, proof of residency, and pass a theory and practical driving test. The process can take several weeks to complete.

Renewing a driving license

A Polish driving license is valid for 15 years for drivers under the age of 70 and three years for drivers over the age of 70. If your driving license is expiring soon, you’ll need to renew it. You can renew your driving license at the relevant voivodeship office. You’ll need to bring your current driving license, proof of identity, and proof of residency.


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