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The Swedish Transport Agency and the Swedish Transport Administration share the responsibility for matters relating to driving licences.
In this light,it is not as easy as it may seem to have a clue of the type of questions that will be asked when taking your driving test,and to some curious to know what applies when they have had thier driving license and what hihgways and puplic roads they may operate in accordance to the category of their driver’s license.

Can i drive in Sweden with a foreign driver’s license?
Yes, following that your foreign driving license is valid for as long as it is valid in the country in which it was issued, then you can freely drive a car in Sweden which implies that you should always have your foreign driving license with you when driving in Sweden.
In a similar you can drive freely in Sweden if your foreign driving license has a photograph of yourself on it or you must when, driving consider having a valid ID document with you containing a photo.
To buttress this point, your driving license is valid even if you are registered in the Swedish Population Register. Registered for more than one year.

Driving in the mountains in Switzerland

What if My Driving License Gets Expired or Lost, How Will I Renew It?

In Sweden,a driving license is a document that authorises it’s holder to operate motor vehicles on highways and public roads.
In this chapter,the Swedish driving license is valid for a limited period of 10 years and must be renewed before it’s expity date set by the Swedish Transport Agency. When we have provided your driving license then every process will work the same way as it goes with the documents provided by the authorities. With our real Swedish driving license, client’s information is captured into the government database system so if your document gets expired you can approach the authorities to get it renewed and it would be done without any hassle. When the authorities verify your information into their database system and finds that your information is registered there, they will agree to renew your document without any issue.

Am i allowed to Exchanging my foreign driving license for a Swedish driving license?

Yes as long as your foreign driver’s license applies to the Nordic country and is valid in the issuing country,and you are permanently staying in the Sweden then you are liable to excahnge it for a Swedish driving license and this must be done before the foreign driver’s license expires

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