Renew your driving license online in the united kingdom

Never assume your driving license is valid just because you’ve passed your test – driving licences actually expire after a certain period of time, and not realising it’s expired isn’t an excuse.
The good news is, driving licences don’t need renewing that often. Renew your driving license online in the united kingdom.Save time and hassle by following our step-by-step guide

Renewing your driving licence

If you’re 69 or below in age, you’ll need to renew your driving licence every 10 years for a £14 renewal fee. If you’re over the age of 70, you’ll need to renew your driving licence every three years, though it’s free to renew it.
Usually, the DVLA sends a reminder letter before your current driving licence is about to expire so that you can apply in advance and make sure you can keep driving without any interruptions. To renew your driving licence, you can either apply online, through post or in person at a Post Office. It’s important to renew your driving licence because it helps in keeping your driving licence up-to-date with new security features and it protects you against fraud. Having an updated licence is also important when you’re getting car insurance or hiring a car. Since it’s a legal requirement to renew your licence, you can end up with a fine of up to £1,000 if you’re caught driving with an expired licence.

Renewing your driving licence online

You can renew your licence online, on
You can complete your application form in just three steps:

Step 1: Authentication

First, you’ll be asked to fill in some basic details about yourself, including your full name, date of birth and your home addresses from the past three years. You can also provide details about your driving licence such as your driver number and the address on your licence, which makes it easier for the DVLA to find your driving records. Then, to check your identity, you’ll have to provide your birth surname, your mother’s maiden name and your place of birth. You can also provide your telephone number and your National Insurance Number. And finally, you’ll be asked to provide your UK passport number so that your passport photo and signature can be used on your driving licence. In case you don’t want to use your passport photo or signature for your licence, you’ll have to renew your licence through post or in person at the Post Office.

Step 2: Application

Once you’ve completed Authentication, you can begin filling in your application form to renew your licence. You’ll need to provide your two-digit photocard driving licence issue number and your 10- or 12-digit photocard number. In case you’ve lost your licence, you’ll have to indicate so in the form. You’ll also have to disclose if you’re disqualified from driving. Next, you can choose if you wish to join the organ donor register or not. Finally, you’ll have to submit your email address and tick both declaration boxes to proceed and review your full application.

Step 3: Payment

Once you’re happy with your application form, you’ll be asked to pay £14 for renewing your licence if you’re aged 69 or below. You’ll need your debit/ credit card at this point to make the payment. And that’s it! Once you’ve paid the application fee, your application will be complete. You should note down the application reference number in case you need it later.

Renewing your driving licence through post

If you want to renew your driving licence through the post, you’ll need a D1 pack from the Post Office. The pack will include an ‘application for a driving licence’ which you can fill out and send to the DVLA.
You’ll need to fill in your basic personal details such as name and address, and choose the option to renew your driving licence. You will also have to attach a passport-size photo of yourself and send in your current driving licence if you have it. And finally, you’ll have to pay the £17 renewal fee through a cheque or a postal order to the DVLA. Once you’ve filled the form correctly, you’ll have to post it to the DVLA at: DVLA Swansea SA99 1DH

Renewing your driving licence in-person

You can also renew your driving licence in-person at a Post Office that deals with licence renewals. You’ll need your reminder letter from the DVLA along with a debit or credit card to pay the £21.50 fee.
In case you can’t find your reminder letter, you can use your current licence to renew your driving licence.


Do I need a new photo to renew my driving licence?

You don’t need a new photo if you apply online to renew your licence. The DVLA will just use your previous licence photo for the new one. You can change your photo if you want to, however. You’ll have to send a passport-size photo to the DVLA, along with a filled-out D1 application. You will also have to pay £17 when applying by post.

How long does it take to get my driving licence back from the DVLA?

If you apply for a driving licence renewal online, you usually get your licence within a week. If you renew your driving licence through post or at a Post Office, it can take up to three weeks to get your licence back.

Can I renew my driving licence without a British passport?

You need to show an ID when applying for a new or renewed driving licence. In case you’re unable to provide your British passport, you can use a share code service to prove your identity. If you’re unable to access a share code, you can also use your current international passport, a residence permit card, or a birth or naturalisation certificate. You could also show the state pension you receive as evidence.

Can I drive while my application is with the DVLA?

Yes, if your GB licence was issued after 1976, you’re medically fit, you’ve not been disqualified from driving and the entitlement on your licence hasn’t expired, you can keep driving while your application is with the DVLA.

How much does it cost to replace a lost driving licence?

The cost for replacing a lost, damaged or stolen licence is £20.

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